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Neon By Night

The goal was to create my very own poster for the wall.
The scene is heavily inspired by pictures I found online of Tokyo by night.
From start to finish it took me two months.
The robot was added later and is an old model I never really finished.

Most of the assets, textures and shaders were created by me.
On top of that I used some assets from BlenderKit (cat, cars, bins), a few textures and one free asset from Megascans (Street Curbs), some assets from Blendswap (Japanese Lantern and the wooden sign next to it) and some dead leaves from the Grass Essentials.

I’m just happy this one is done and I can move on.

You can download the image in full size for free and do whatever you want with it under the following link:!AjAGQc89esZJ0Xs7M8Dmt1a8qK0k?e=RtSAE9

Fabian d abundo final cc2 small

The Image

Fabian d abundo small part

Cat by BlenderKit.

Fabian d abundo robot model1

The Protagonist

Fabian d abundo making of neon by night gif smaller


Fabian d abundo viewport

The Viewport

Fabian d abundo assets

Some Assets