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Historically Correct Dino-Rider

For A Friend.
"Can you make a picture of me. Riding on a dino. With Thor's Hammer in one hand. And a world destroying comet in the background."
Ok. Done. Are you happy now you greedy bastard?
(For the Internetversion I used the face of another friends rabbit, with his permission of course.)

I used some Megascans-Models, gras from the grasessentials from blenderguru, some materials from the cycles material vault, some custom materials.
The basemesh of the dino is from blendswap:
The hammer is also from blendswap:

Most of the 16h I spent on this peace was spend on the composition. Not my strong point.
I had problems getting all the elements into the picture.

Fabian d abundo roland on a dino plaetzchen

His name is "Pl├Ątzchen" (Cookie).
He came to kick ass and eat gras and he's all out of gras.

Fabian d abundo roland on a dino